robot_amoania (robot_amoania) wrote,

Places I enjoy shopping  in no particular order!

  1. Old Navy

  2. Target

  3. Lane Bryant (underthings)


  5. Nordstroms

  6. Value Village (thrift store)

  7. Labels (consignment)

  8. Goodwill (thrift store)


  10. Payless Shoes

  11. Hot Topic (sometimes)

  12. Ross

  13. T.J. Maxx






  19. Claires
  20. Macy's
  22. Torrid
  23. Fred Meyers
  24. Ebay!
  25. Mad Hatter (vintage store in my county)
  26. Soverign
  27. Blue Moon
It's nice to compile all my places
That way I never forget to check them!

I got 1/2 of my Torrid orders today.
I love love LOVE love LOVE the shoes, all of them!
I look saucy haha.
But the Polka dot dress I am disappointed in.
Its too big up top, and polyester fabric,  UGH.
&& the red gingham tank is wayyy tooo huge!
it bugs me that at the same store I can be a 2,3, or a 4!
But overall I am satisfied!  Can't wait till I get the rest tomorrow!

Saturday I plan on venturing 1.5 hours south to get jeans. 

  Thats it.  Nothing else.  I might stop at a Steve and Barrys just to look
because I doubt anything will fit.  But maybe shoes?  Haha. 
I also need to go to Old Navy
and pick up the amazing 

&& I really really really want this

I've decided I should actually get a job,
that way I can buy these things.
Hmmmm good idea?
Tags: fattry, shoes omg shoes!, shopping, torrid
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what is your luck with The sizes are just so weird and I don't know how to take them!
I stick to shirts && hoodies. The ones that go to a xxxl otherwise i havent tried! I am scared to try the jeans, as some say they run really small
Dude! What size shoe do you wear? I bought some extra adorable shoes from Torrid and they are too small, was wondering if you would like first crack at them before Friday's sales post. :-)
I wear a size ten.
Well damnation, I wear a 7. :-)