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I give em Cat Scratch Fever....They got it bad scratch fever!

Terra && I went and saw Ted Nugent last night! 
It was wonderful, and one of my more eventful moments this summer. 
I was pretty disappointed he didn't play Rock N Roll HoochiCoo. 
But...I can't complain, it was a good show for $23 bucks!

We had a while to kill before the concert...

so I won Terra a new boyfriend, since hers  is always complaining.
His name is Carl, and he's pretty popular. 

Oh Mr. Nugent, you are wonderful.

Free Machine Guns for ALL the Little Kids

Those were our YAY Uncle Teddy Faces!

I found it pretty comical that my parents were there, at the same concert. 
What can I say, I am my fathers daughter;
Southern Rock, Butt Rock, Metal, is what I grew up on.
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